About Project KANA

Knowledge and Action through Nutrition and Agriculture - KANA for short (which also means ‘food’ in Fijian) is a key project that focusses on delivering resilient crops and food sources, that can withstand the destruction of natural disaster and are also nutritious. Because our neighbours in Fiji are vulnerable to the ever-increasing natural disaster – we work with supporters like you and partners like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Fijian Government and local communities, to deliver programmes that support vulnerable children and their families.

In rural coastal communities in Ra and on Koro Island scarce food sources and a lack of nutrient-rich foods, particularly during and following a disaster, are significant barriers to healthy development for young children – but with your help we can ensure children in Fiji have the raw materials and know-how to grow lots of different fruits and vegetables, so they have the nutrients to build and grow healthy minds!

For every $1 donated, the New Zealand Government matches that with $4 for this project, meaning we can reach 5 times the people thanks to your fundraising.